Can I shield you forever?

Pardon the silence.

I’ve had a few blog posts lined up that I’ve been meaning to publish over the past few weeks, but every time I came close to doing it, something stopped me. At first I thought that maybe I was being too harsh a critic of my own work. That the posts were uninspired. 

I realise now that my hesitation was a result of my preoccupation.

My mind was elsewhere. And as it wandered, the triviality of everything else had me frozen. 

You see, my daughter is still young. Still innocent. I see her eyes widen as she takes in the newness of each day, watching the world carefully and unsuspiciously, as it unfolds around her.

My young, innocent daughter watches the world, but knows nothing of the fact that her very future is being shaped by the turbulence we are living through right now.

A country divided when it really should be standing as one.

It is dizzying to think of what the future might hold for our home, for Kate…and I find that I can’t dwell on the thought for long because it frightens me. I so wish to preserve her innocence forever, to shield her from the sharp edges of this world.

I know I can’t do this. And one day, when she’s a little older, she’ll learn about these times.

When greed and entitlement stole a life.

When for many, under the brightness of the early winter sun, the red and blue faded for a moment.

When the rest of the world, carefully and suspiciously, watched us back.

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