Baby Shower Gifts for Under €50

We all know how confusing the world of baby stuff is and how expensive all of that stuff can be. In light of this, it’s no wonder that receiving an invitation to a baby shower can be daunting for many. There’s so much out there…what does she need? What does she already have? What won’t cost a week’s paycheck? Regardless, it’s only natural for you to want to gift the mama-to-be with something that she will actually use, and which preferably won’t break the bank.

Well, fret not! It is actually possible to do just that. To make things easier for you, I’ve scoured the interwebs (and Kate’s room) for my take on useful baby shower gifts for under €50.

It wasn’t easy…like I said, there’s A LOT of stuff out there. However, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 11 picks, and here they are:

(Disclaimer: I’ve included clickable links to each item but they are not affiliate links. You’ll notice that some of these items are brand specific, others are more generic. Where I thought the brand mattered, I included it…but I am fully aware that similar items by different brands are available out there.)

1. Shnuggle Baby Bath: It’s affordable, easy to clean and can be used from birth…what’s not to love? Kate used this right past her first birthday and it definitely made bath times less stressful (and our backs much happier).

2. Muslin Cloths: OK so we might be biased…but you can’t make a list of useful baby products and not include these bad boys. Whether you go for patterned ones, colourful ones, or plain ones…rest assured, they will be used. Read more about why we love them here.

3. Fridababy Baby Basics Kit: Bit of a random one but the parents-to-be will thank you later. Dry scalp, blocked nose, trapped wind, long nails? No problem.

4. Sophie La Girafe: Trendy teething aid? Check! This all natural rubber toy will be greatly appreciated when baby starts to gnaw on everything. Sophie comes in a number of variations, with many parents opting for this style simply because baby can’t chew on her legs.

5. Rockit: Hands free pram rocking? Don’t mind if I do. This came in handy during the early sleep regressions where Kate would take FOREVER to fall asleep.

6. Plush Toy: Little babies love their plush toys. The softer the better.

7. Room Thermometer: I know that I’ve joked about this before, but it is actually quite helpful to have a quick visual reference of the temperature in your baby’s room. This allows you to adjust the temp accordingly and prevent your baby waking because they’re too hot or too cold.

8. White noise machine/shusher: We used white noise A LOT when Kate was younger (and still do occasionally). It definitely helped us get through the sleep regressions as well as create ‘white noise walls’ when we didn’t want to disturb her. We used Spotify, but a nifty white noise machine could also do the trick (and is less likely to be disrupted by a phone call…or blast out a random playlist during nap time because you forgot to put the white noise track on loop.)

9. Baby Gym: Make life-before-crawling more fun for both baby and mama. Check out a super affordable IKEA version here…or slightly more expensive ones here, here and here.

10. Toy Storage: Whether they like it or not, the parents-to-be are gonna need to find ways to store their little one’s toys. Give them a headstart with adorable toy cubbies like this one, this one or this one.

11. Classic Books: I’m a firm believer of instilling a love for literature at a young age and what better way than to gift a mum-to-be with all the children’s classics? Think: The Giving Tree, Madeline, Guess How Much I Love You, We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, Goodnight Moon and Where The Wild Things Are.

And there you have them folks, 11 useful baby-shower gift ideas for under €50.

Happy shopping!

Got anything to add to this list? Leave a comment and let me know!

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